What’s a Business Coach?

“The Knowledge Economy as we know it is being eclipsed by something new—call it the Creativity Economy.” Business Week, 2005. “Get Creative! How to Build Innovative Companies.”

Have you ever needed help to see an old problem with fresh eyes?

Have you ever felt isolated in your own ivory tower?

Each manager is different.

Each business coach is different as well.

There are business coaches for senior executives, for managers, for entrepreneurs, for professionals and coaches for many different types of situations you encounter over your business career:

  • Getting into a new management position
  • Getting promoted
  • Handling difficult personalities on your team
  • Communicating change more effectively
  • Understanding internal politics
  • Organizing your time and finding your balance
  • Building the right team
  • Creating the right conditions for delegating
  • and more


You could get lost finding the right one to fit your needs.

I specialize in coaching managers and senior managers.


Working with decision makers, I’ve noticed a ripple effect within the organization as a whole, there’s a direct positive impact on all the people working with the leader.  I like to see that coaching has a multiplier effect.

A business coach responds to your specific needs at a point in time in your career.  A business coach helps you develop skills you could possibly develop over time on your own but it would take much more time and effort than with a coach by your side .  A coach monitors your progress and let’s say it, pushes you to your limits.

If you need help in understanding what other types of coaches are available – have a look at the section How To Find The Best Coach To Fit Your Needs

In other words, “Behind most goals, there’s an assist” as the saying goes.

If you had a magic wand in hand, your ideal business coach would:

  • Firmly believe in the capacity of people to grow, change, and excel
  • Actively listen and observe to give you insightful feedback to work from
  • Help you articulate your ideas in such a way you can implement them fast
  • Demonstrate openness and adaptability to different ways of thinking

Can you find such a person? Yes, perhaps it’s me but…I’ll be honest with you, chemistry, likability counts in coaching.

Give it a try. Call a few coaches, call me and you can ask your questions.  See for yourself.

We’ll go over a few questions:

  • Where do you want to make a radical transformation in your business?
  • Are you prepared  to invest time and energy to get where you want ?
  • Do you want to leave a legacy?
  • Do you want honest feedback?

All this thinking requires an investment on your part: time, effort and money. If you’re asking about money investment – take a look at my coaching packages.