On Business Coaching with Laure:

“An inspirational coach! I really valued your ability to sum things up, to listen, to collect information, to condense it and to paint a new picture. Your ability to put yourself in others’ shoes is your greatest asset. I have more self-confidence now and that is priceless!”

Sylvie, Vice President, Consulting, Cossette Communication-Marketing

“I really appreciate the coach’s skill in quickly defining the challenges that lay ahead for me. Both in person and on the phone, we always had an excellent connection for talking about sometimes tough topics.

I really liked the way the coach presented ideas from different perspectives and used solid examples to build on her concepts.

The coach gave us all the time we needed. She often went beyond the allotted hour and even spoke with us outside of meetings.

Her motivation was contagious.”

Jean G. VP Aerospace Sector

“I really appreciated your commitment to other people’s success. Thanks so much.

You helped us meet and sometimes even beat our limits. You asked me to do far more than I would have done on my own.”

Stéphanie B. Specialist in Graphic Design and Print Management for Eastern Canada

“You have an amazing ability to bring out the best in everyone! Thanks! You not only helped me define and attain my goals, you helped me adopt a more composed approach with greater control over my resources. This is what self-confidence is all about.”

Cynthia F. Head of Products, Marketing Sector

“One of the most striking results of my coaching sessions was a new awareness of my sense of control. I rediscovered the importance of writing down even ideas that at first glance seem absurd. I know that I can make my dreams come true if I try.”

Pierre-Yves V. Head of Operations, Quasi-Governmental Sector

“I am totally sold on coaching. I really believe it works! I’ve always been into sports and it is interesting how the way your coach observes your moves automatically serves to boost your performance. I studied music and had a teacher who guided my work in preparation for the end-of-year recital and examination. Without this teacher, I probably would have failed. My personal experiences have convinced me of the importance of keeping a critical eye on what I you do, because that’s how I progress and move forward.

We hire coaches for all kinds of reasons, so why not to boost our careers!”

Marjorie B., Manager, Financial Institution

“Laure has a great intuitive style and has demonstrated excellence in providing leadership, mentoring and guidance. Her communication skills allow us to be open with our needs and to consider all possibilities. Above all, Laure keeps us on target for what is important and is pivotal in helping us stay motivated. Her insight is enlightening, her approach is very useful in bringing up challenges that need work, and she is absolutely wonderful in complimenting areas of success. We truly appreciate you and thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise.”

Lucia M. Small Business Owner

It was valuable to have a third, unbiased perspective on events and decisions. Sometimes I don’t see things that I should. Having an unbiased viewpoint and opinion puts things into perspective.

Roanne, VP Operations, Video Games Sector

On Corporate Training Sessions:

“I had the pleasure and the opportunity to work with Laure at one of my client’s offices. Not only is she is highly motivated professional, she is an expert in business coaching (feedback). Laure outlined the basic of business coaching in an effective, straightforward manner that will work on a daily basis for the modern manager.”

Marcel Lapierre, President, Lapierre Conseils Inc.

“I had the pleasure of working with Laure in a session with one of her coaching and team-building clients. I not only noted her proficiency, but the originality of her approach and her concern with fully understanding the client’s organizational situation.”

Nathalie Blain, CRHA, Senior Consultant, Interaxion Développement des organisations

Fine presentation. Excellent speaker.

Excellent presentation: dynamic, calm, precise.

Dynamic individual who gets others involved.

I am sure I will use her toolbox.

Excellent and animated presenter.

You were outstanding and totally dynamic. Thanks.

Coaching is important. Even if I don’t supervise employees, it is useful in my overall work relations. Incredible dynamism and communications ability; delightful personality. She has an excellent ability to express herself.

I really liked her vitality, control and humour, as well as the cases she illustrated. Thanks!

Good work method presented. Very dynamic and engaging. Excellent teaching style.

You are a wonderful communicator! I loved your energy and your thorough knowledge of the topic.

Great presentation, excellent French and a contagious smile.

Thank you for presence and your skill. They really contributed to an unfettered exchange among participants.

A highly interactive session. Congratulations, Laure!

The more tools we have, we more quickly we can understand—and solve—the problem.

I hope the communication keeps growing and that we can enrich it. The way in which you draw attention through your energy is fascinating!