A dynamic and inspiring speaker

A speaker can help focus your team on a selected topic. Having a speaker will inspire your staff through the power of storytelling. Such sessions also expose individuals to different paradigms and spur them to consider topics vital to your organization.

A 45-to-60 minute conference is ideal for focusing staff attention on a key topic and bolstering an existing initiative. As an example, in the process of restructuring your business, you could enhance your more formal communication with an informal conference on change that would open as follows:

“In life, there is nothing to fear and everything to understand.”

Marie Curie (1867-1934), twice Nobel Prize winner, mother of Irène and Eve, and famous for her discovery of radium and polonium.

I cover a set of topics that can be tailored to your particular environment in any sector of activity :

  • Intrapreneur or entrepreneur: develop your flair for business in the workplace.
  • Feedback: a golden communications tool for your organization.
  • Change: Jellison’s J curve.
  • Laughing matters: the importance of laughter to an organization.
  • Time, priorities and stress: three tigers to tame for more fun at work.