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Helping business managers become the leaders they need to become to leave their mark in their organization.

Over my years of coaching managers and senior executives like you I have developed a four-stage coaching process that works very effectively to get satisfying results for clients as quickly as possible.

When I take you through the SMART Coaching Process, we’ll begin with a phase of discovery that will allow us to focus on the right objectives in the right order so that we can come up with the best possible plan for you to put into action.

Keep reading to see the details on how we’ll use the SMART Coaching Process to help you reach your goals.

Stage One: Discover Your Most Valuable Objectives

In this stage we’ll talk through the “objectives behind your objectives” so that we isolate and identify exactly what will get you the results you’re after. Through this part of the process we’ll find the true cause of the issues you’re facing rather than just the surface-level symptoms.

For example, a client might come into the process saying “I want to work on my communication skills” and realize that their real objectives are increasing their confidence and ability to resolve conflict.  Identifying the underlying issues means results start coming faster.

Another example would be a client thinking “I need to manage my time more effectively” and discovering that the real issue is an inability to delegate or trust the people they work with.  Again, identifying the underlying issues means results start coming faster.

What we will do together in this stage will involve a lot of active listening on my part as I ask you the questions that elicit your most important objectives.  As we bring more clarity and definition to the priorities that will bring you success, the solutions will be much easier to discover.

Stage Two: Expand Your Range Of Effective Options

In this stage, we’ll meet for a few weekly sessions to talk through what’s happened during the week between our calls and identify areas where we’d have liked things to go differently.  Through these “reports from the fields” we’ll discover key information about what’s happening on a real-time basis, and we’ll  use that information to uncover new options and strategies you can use to overcome existing roadblocks and get things moving on the direction you want them to.

In this part of the process, you can expect to experience noticeable gains as you make important shifts in perspective that allow you to see solutions, strategies and opportunities that you hadn’t realized were accessible to you.

Just as in the first stage – where we uncovered the “objectives behind the objective” – we’ll identify the “problems behind the problem” so that you’ll more easily find effective options that will get you much more traction on your goals.

Stage Three: Test Your Approaches To Uncover What Works

In this stage we’ll go in-depth into the process of coming up with specific approaches you can experiment with to see how we can accelerate your path to your goals.

We say “experiment” here because every client’s situation, working styles, and organizational culture are different, and while many strategies sound good in theory, they need to also fit the reality of your situation.  ( And really, you can never know until you try.)

During our coaching sessions in this stage, we’ll take time to look at what worked – or didn’t- with any given approach, and why.  We’ll dig for insights that will help us refine your approach to get better results, and keep at it until we find the solutions that are best for you.

The exciting part about this part of the process is the feedback loop that occurs as we go back and forth about what’s working, what’s not and why, because we can make rapid gains towards understanding the custom strategies that will get you exactly what you want.

Stage Four: Create and Implement Your Action Plan

Everything we’ve worked on together comes together in this stage, as we’ve had time to test and refine your approaches to make early gains and “quick wins” that set you up for success.

For many clients they’ve made significant progress on their goals by this time because they’ve been experiencing results on many of the “problems behind the problems’ that had previously been holding them back.  All along there have been mini-action plans that have helped break the big goal into more manageable sub-goals.

But towards the end of the process there tends to be one objective or sticking point that needs a little extra push to bring to resolution.  And so at this time, we create an action plan that will give you a step-by-step approach that gets you to the finish line.

Deeply ingrained habits and behaviors are often hard to change, and in this stage we’ll create a workable action plan for you that will make sure your new habits, behaviors and approaches become a way of life for you.

Wherever You Are, That’s Where We’ll Start

As a business coach, I operate from the philosophy of Tua res agitur – “We’re here to talk about you”

If the SMART Coaching Process sounds like something you’d like to explore to see if it’s the right fit for your goals and priorities, I invite you to set up a free consultation call where you can talk about what’s important for you to achieve.

On your free consultation call, I can go over a few questions with you to discover your priorities, needs, and goals and see what ways I can help you achieve what you want should we work together.

You can call me right now at 514-733-0949.  And if you prefer to schedule our call via email, do so at or use my contact form here.

I look forward to talking to you soon to find out how I might help you achieve what’s most important to you.


Laure Cohen van Delft

PS – My rates are also available here if you’d like to review them before your free consultation

PPS – If you’re leaning toward a more metaphorical way at looking at coaching… here it is:


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust, Author.

One benefit of a business coach is learning to see from another perspective, thinking bigger, expanding your scope of action—and identifying new options.

The ability to see the “world upside down” is central to the philosophies of writers, innovators, artists, entrepreneurs and business people. I try to rework perspectives and build on the resulting knowledge.


Catalyzing means triggering a reaction through the presence of a substance (the catalyst). The Discoveries you make through coaching are catalysts for “chemical” reactions that create links between your experience, knowledge, discoveries and goals to make your project a success.


“In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration.” Ansel Adams, Photographer

Out of the catalyst, emerge experiments for verifying your assumptions, testing the market, conducting a pilot run and gathering the information you need to generate a solid plan of action.


The success of business coaching can be measured by results achieved with respect to goals (SMART) set, changes produced, energy levels, new awareness, changes in behaviour and habits and even by how others respond to us.

A business coach fulfills her purpose by guiding a client through the predictable phases of adjustment, feedback, discouragement and joy that characterize implementation of an action plan and realization of a project.