Finding The Best Coach To Fit Your Needs

Until you know just what kind of benefits a business coach can bring to your work, you may not realize when the time is right to begin looking for the right coach for you.

But by the time you reach the end of this page, you’ll have a clear understanding of what you can get out of business coaching, and how to know what you should be looking for when you’re choosing a coach.

What A Good Business Coach Can Do For You

A good business coach meets you where you are and gets a sense of your specific goals, needs and priorities – and then helps look at the current problems you’re facing with a set of fresh eyes.

Whether your priority is implementing change, handling difficult personalities on your team, navigating internal office politics, organizing your time and delegating effectively, or anything else you might be facing, a good coach should give you tools and insight to help accomplish your goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

As the saying goes, “Behind most goals, there’s an assist” – it’s as true in coaching as it is in sports.  What you should gain from a coach is the kind of assistance that multiplies your efforts and helps you do things you couldn’t do on your own or as quickly.

However, it’s also important for a “good coach” to be a good coach for you.  Just as every manager is different, every business coach is different, and it’s important to find a coach whose background, personality and chemistry is well suited to yours.

( We’ll talk about how to do that in just a moment. )

What A Great Business Coach Should Give You

While a set of fresh eyes and an outside, objective perspective are definitely benefits of working with a business coach, you should keep your eye out for specific markers that separate good coaches from great ones.

  • A great coach should actively listen to you and assist you in defining the complete situation you’re dealing with, so that their advice takes into account all of the nuances you deal with within your company.
  • A great coach should demonstrate openness and adaptability to different ways of thinking, so you can count on them to discover the right solutions that will work for you.
  • A great coach should have a broad set of background experience and skill sets, so you can receive comprehensive guidance on your important priorities.  (And, it’s kind of like getting several coaches in one.)
  • A great coach should help you articulate and define your ideas in a way that allows you to implement them fast, so that you’re receiving timely and relevant results the entire time you’re working with them.
  • A great coach should monitor your progress and push you to your limits because they thoroughly believe in your capacity to grow, change and excel at what you do.

How To Know When You’re Ready For Business Coaching

Having worked with many clients in a wide range of industries, I can tell you that there are a few markers that managers themselves have when they’re ready to begin working with a business coach.  You can think about whether these markers apply to you and make your decisions from there.

The first marker is that you want to make a radical transformation in some area of your business – in other words, you’re ready for the kind of measurable change and improvement that you can’t do on your own ( or would take you too long if you tackle it alone).

The second marker is that you’re prepared to invest time and energy into making this change happen, and that you’re ready for a coach to assist you in deciding where that time and energy should be spent.

The third marker is that you are open to honest feedback.  Coaching works best when there’s a completely open channel for getting clear on what you want and what it’s going to take to get there.  A great coach can deliver greatness when this last part happens.

And if you’re ready, how do you find a great coach?

It starts by getting on the phone.

I Invite You To Call My Office For A Free Consultation

Chemistry and likeability are critical factors in selecting a business coach, so I always recommend that managers call at least three coaches for an initial consultation to find out who they’re going to sync best with.

You may find I’m the perfect fit for where you are and where you want to go.

You may find another coach is best suited for your personality and priorities.

But the fist step is to get on the pone and find out.

I invite you to call me today to schedule a free consultation, where I can go over a few questions with you to discover your priorities, needs, and goals and see what ways I can help you achieve what you want should we work together.

You can call me right now at 514-733-0949.

And if you prefer to schedule our call via email, do so at or use my contact form here.

I specialize in coaching managers and senior executives, because I’ve seen the ripple effect within organizations that happen when managers get the coaching they need.  There’s a direct, positive impact on everyone working with that leader that creates a multiplier effect within the company.

Ultimately, I want you to find the right business coach for you.  To find out if it’s me, give me a call today at 514-733-0949.

I look forward to talking to you soon to find out how I might help you achieve what’s most important to you.


Laure Cohen van Delft